About GT Plast Company

GT plast is a well-trusted family-owned private company that located in the global city of Yazd in Iran with the goal of exporting and importing. as well as GT plast company as well-known Supplier in polymer industry, is one of the Maine key supplier of Polymer pipes and raw material products in the region.

We hand pick our product from our network of best manufacturer, carefully selecting each item, always ensuring consistent and premium quality. Our company has established good business relations with factories that can handle your frequent orders with constant and stable quality all the way from export to destination.


We wish to continue enjoying the close and trustful relationships with our customers  work together to further develop high quality and innovative products as well as to assure a stable supply of such products to our customers.

We will always preserve the competitive and entrepreneurial energy that has enabled our company to grow and succeed, and we will carry it with us into the future!

we endeavors to become the number one supplier of quality products with a focus on Customer service and customer satisfaction. We aspire to reach this position by anticipating and meeting requirements, while keeping pace with technological advances and confirming to high quality standards.


Our goal is to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers by providing unparalleled service and superior products to them. Golbon tejarat has developed its reputation for “commitment to customers.” As our society has become increasingly service-oriented, Golbon tejarat has remained dedicated in providing the best selection and high Quality Products to customers. We hope as soon as posible to expand our product portfolio to a variety.